Alphabet Tidal uses AI to track fish and our consumption habits

Core: Game dev engine that simplifies game creation. Also leverages this concept of kitbashing, taking pre-made things and reconfiguring them into new purposes. Seems like an ideal way to prototype.

You can make your own hand sanitizer. This sentiment to feel like you need to make your own sanitizer will be a marker of this specific moment in time that we're living in.

Survival kits. Buying the kit is the least that you can do. It's actually about taking stock of what you need.

We Need To Take CO2 Out Of The Sky
To keep below two degrees, we’ll need to dramatically reduce current emissions and simultaneously remove 10-15 gigatons of CO2/yr from the atmosphere by 2050. Read on for what that means, why, and how we might do it.

Universal Basic Income

Work Life Articles from BBC; also Australian Company that has eliminated work on Wednesdays

Studying Skills Wikipedia entry

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