Popular and unpopular progressive ideas

Considering arguments of "electability" vs. "firing up your base" via Vox: explains swing voters vs. the base; and Vox: argues that Trump ran as a moderate; and Vox: the impact of swing voters. Another angle from the Atlantic on Progressives vs. Moderates

A look at the definition of "socialism" vs. "socialist ethic" vs. "democratic socialist". The fundamental difference is in believing in equality vs. believing in a centralized goverment of production. via Vox

Xbox Series X will be backwards compatiable across four generation of games.
Some games from the original Xbox will be playable on the new Xbox. The new PS5 will also play PS4 games. It's a consumer friendly approach that supports gaming as a service model. via The Verge

Tim Berners Lee's Inrupt company on their approach to change the internet

Survey on the effects of tech on democracy for the next ten years.

Interview with Garry Kasparov on AI

Profile of Xia Peisu: computer scientist that built the computer industry in China

How Technology Is Changing the Future of Higher Education

A support system for students

Optimizing Your Life

Profile of Daqri AR

Profile of Fairway grocery chains after private equity investments

Essay on the downsides of the Nuclear Family

Essay: A sibling on her sister's inadequate partner

Essay: White Supremacy is Terrorism

Netflix on displaying Top 10